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North Queensland Glider (Canvas) - Catherine Carpenter  



Total edition of 450 on canvas signed & numbered.
This edition on canvas. Size 480mm x 610mm

Gliders are nocturnal possum-like animals that live in Australia’s woodlands and forests.
They are marsupials – so are born in a very incomplete state: minute, blind, hairless, with only partially formed hind limbs, and the embryos develop in a marsupium or pouch.
They are arboreal which means they are tree dwellers rather than ground dwellers, and have a varied diet including leaves, nectar, pollen, sap and insects.
Their defining characteristic is the membrane that allows them to glide, and extends between the fore and hind limbs.
The angle and speed of their glide varies depending on the ratio of their body weight to the surface area of their membrane.
All six species of Australian glider are found in Queensland, five of them in the South East of the State.
They range in size from the tiny feathertail glider, which can sit in a child's hand, to the solitary and regionally vulnerable greater glider.
All species are dependant on hollows and as a result are found only in habitats containing hollow-bearing trees.