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Greater Sugar Glider (Canvas) - Catherine Carpenter  



Total edition of 250 on canvas signed & numbered.
Size 480mm x 610mm

The greater glider is the largest of the glider species in Australia. This species is also the most variable in their colouration. The scientific name for the greater glider means flying petaurus-like animal.
Greater gliders have adapted to feed almost exclusively on eucalyptus leaves, leading to an enlarged caecum that assists in breaking down the cellulose – much like the koala. Interestingly, despite being proportionally long, the tail is not prehensile.
Greater gliders can glide up to 100 metres and change direction up to 90 degrees as well. They are known to use a large number of hollows within the home range, and they can use between 2-18 different hollows. They do not appear to build a nest as such, however occasionally there is a lining of leaves.